Our Factory

Being transparent about what happens behind the scenes in our business is important to us, we aim to establish an honest relationship between us and our customers. One that will continue to grow as we do.

Rogue Linen is a recently established New Zealand fashion label, est 2018, so we won’t pretend like we have it all figured out. What we do have however is a vision for the future that we are working towards

The fabrics we use are all top quality linen fibers sourced from all around China, who produce some of the worlds finest linen fabric.

We have established a close working relationship with our factory which is located outside of Guangzhou, China. It is owned by a New Zealand couple who are a delight to work with. We know their values on ethics, material sourcing, employee working conditions and welfare, and manufacturing quality. All factory staff are given a living wage, work no more than 10 hours a day, have the weekend off to spend time with their families, and take a month leave for the Chinese New Year holiday. We are extremely impressed with the quality of workmanship and fabric we have received. Maintaining a transparent relationship with our factory is important which is why we also visit in person to stay as hands on as possible.

We would not want you to only take our word for it so here are some words from some of our fantastic team.

“When I was a child. I had no idea I would work in the field of clothing. I majored in chemistry at university and thought I would be a chemistry teacher. One summer internship experience led me into the clothing industry and loved it. Now I have worked here for 10 years. I need to do translations, communicate with the seamstresses, order fabrics/accessories for samples and bulk production. I also make documents for clearance and payment.

Daily work is trivial but we have fun being able to turn beautiful fabrics and accessories into perfect garments. Receiving compliments from our customers and seeing the beautiful photos of the garments we sew make me even more passionate about my work.” 

Yang (Label Manager)

"The longer I have worked for this factory the more I have grown and learned. At first I got work making samples, I didn’t have any skills in the industry. But after working here for 15 years I have picked up a lot of technical knowledge from other skilled workers and have been given jobs with more responsibility. The factory and I have expanded together, when I first starting working here we only had four people in a team, now we have ten. My work includes; making the sample schedule, noting sewing methods, and quality control."  

Lu (Technician)

"I have worked here for two years now, I’m a new member of the team but we have a good atmosphere here so I integrated into this big family quickly. I love my work, simple lines make up the pattern, I refer to the pattern when cutting fabrics, and as a result the designer’s designs can become a reality. My daily work includes making patterns and samples, as well as making the layout for production and testing fabrics for shrinkage and any other unique characteristics."   

Zhang (Pattern Maker & Seamstress) 

We are still at the start of our journey and will continue to improve on the parts of the production process that can be done better, of which I'm sure there are many.

All accumulated stock and faulty garments that are not sold will not go to the landfill, and will instead be donated to local charities.

We are proud of what we have achieved, and excited for what is still to come.


From the Rogue Team working hard behind the scenes.

(a gallery coming very soon!)