Our Story

“Forget about body image. Forget about fashion trends.
Escape the ordinary.
Fashion isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out and being true to you because you are beautiful.”
Anita - owner of Rogue Linen

Inspired by the philosophy of designing clothing which is unique and empowers women to feel beautiful, owner, Anita has gone ‘ROGUE’ and is paving her own path through the world of fashion. 

To give you a brief overview, owner, Anita grew up on a small farm in rural Motueka. After spending much of her life in the outdoors she was inspired to take up the challenge of combining nature and fashion and hatched a "Rogue" plan.

The initial brainstorming all starting with the idea of creating the kind of company that we would be proud to purchase from. From there the plan branched out into three areas which we wanted to thoroughly cover, sustainability, ethics, and designs to match a real life women. 

After some extensive research it became clear that linen alongside with hemp are the most sustainable fibers available. Linen is famous for it's durability and breath-ability. For those of you interested in learning more about fibers and the growing and/or production behind the scenes of the fashion industry have a read through the Rogue Blog.  

The next challenge was finding a manufacturing company with an agreeable ethos and sourcing top quality linen fibers, we found both in Guangzhou, China. After meeting in person we found out that the company has strong ties to New Zealand, as well as a strict ethical basis and decided to move ahead with a great feeling. And while we have full respect for those of you who prioritize national manufacturing, we founded this company being strong believers in international trade and are trying to encourage the creation of a positive global network of goods. For the Rogue team, it’s not about where it’s made it’s about how. To read more on both companies ethos click here. 

With those important foundations set we could focus on our final priority. Every design you see here is created with a lot of love and carefully hand drawn from Rogue Linen's home-based studio in rural Motueka Valley. We are determined to continue designing clothing for "real women" which celebrates our curves and individuality. Clothing which makes you feel so good you don’t want to take it off again, not something you only wear because it’s “trendy” and can’t wait to get out of it at the end of the day. You can see this philosophy reflected in our photography, its a real life unedited portrayal of curvy beautiful women wearing our Rogue designs.

Moving forward Rogue Linen's main goal is to be one of the small fish in a big ocean swimming against the current of mass production and inspiring as many people as possible to consciously purchase ethical and sustainable clothing, to go for quality and longevity over cheap and synthetic clothing which ends in our landfills. We will stay authentic to these goals at any cost and maintain an open honest communication with our customers because company transparency is important to us at Rogue Linen.