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“Forget about body image. Forget about fashion trends.

Escape the ordinary.

Fashion isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out and being true to you because you are beautiful.”

Anita - Director & Designer

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Clothing made from 100% biodegradable linen fibers.


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Unraveling Truths about Synthetic Fibers

Unraveling Truths about Synthetic Fibers

"The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie."

Synthetic textiles are something every one of us uses, but what you might not know are the consequences to environmental and human health, or what the clothes you're wearing are really made of. For this blog, I want to go more in-depth regarding synthetic fibers, both about the manufacturing process and the side effects.

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10 Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks

10 Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks

Want to help save the environment without compromising your time and money?Here are some affordable and easy lifestyle hacks which can help save the world. Be conscious of your consumer habits.    1. Safety Razors   These are easy to use and result in smoother skin than disposable plastic shavers. Using a safety razor will quickly pay off and before you know it you'll be...

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