Correctly taking care of your linen will ensure you get the most wear possible out of your garments.

Washing Your Linen Garments

- Always wash on a gentle cycle, if it’s possible to select the water level in the washing machine, always use the maximum available to let your clothes move freely.

- Do not fill washing machine with too many items at once. This can cause twisting or pulling, damaging the linen.

- Make sure the all other items in the washing machine are a similar color and weight, and have the same washing instructions.

- If you hand wash linen clothes, use a gentle swishing motion – never wring, twist or scrub the fabric. Hand washing is always recommended for getting the most wear out of you linen clothes. And in particular for fabric with a loose weave, which might be damaged in the washing machine

- Wash in lukewarm temperatures – never in cold or hot. Does linen shrink? Yes it does if you wash it in over 40'C.

- Our Fabrics are all pre-washed so if garments are washed in lukewarm water they will not shrink.

- Use only a mild detergent (and no bleach) for washing and make sure that all of it is fully rinsed from garment before drying.

Drying Linen

- Do not tumble dry your linen.

- Always try to dry your linen clothes flat. Hangers or clothespins can cause marks on the fabric and also cause deformation of the garment.

- If there is a need for ironing, iron your linen clothes while slightly damp.