Each garment is crafted at a small owner-managed business in Guangzhou, China, that focuses on the low volume, high quality end of the clothing market. It is a small family owned factory with a highly skilled workforce. From our visits we know that it is a pleasant place to work with decent pay and conditions. It's only by working closely with our supplier and drawing on their knowledge and technical expertise that we are able to develop unique and beautiful fabrics and clothes. Tradition plays an important role in the development and production of beautiful clothing but so too does technology and our suppliers blend both the traditional expertise with the latest technology to keep improving their products.

We use only the highest quality natural yarns from some of the best mills in the world. Our preferred yarn is linen, a luxurious renewable eco-fiber. Developing our fabrics is a slow process. Selecting the yarns, considering the colors, and the way in which the yarns are dyed and weaved.

We send all our orders in sturdy paper courier bags purchased locally in New Zealand. Made from recycled and sustainable paper they are recyclable and compostable. Our focus is on low impact plastic free shipping, we have eliminated unnecessary packaging hence most garments will arrive wrapped in twine with a little card for you enclosed with your order.  

Rogue Linen