Every garment bears our consideration for the environment. We use only 100% renewable natural fibers.  

Yours for a lifetime, our low impact sustainable linen is light and breathable, naturally temperature regulating. At the heart of each linen garment is generations of craftmanship and the value of quality over quantity. Crafted for life, it gives you exceptional strength without compromising on softness. 

Rogue Linen

Dating back thousands of years flax linen was the first textile produced by man, it is a fiber that has proven itself through the trails of time. And as the use of linen has endured, so does the fiber, allowing us to craft garments you can cherish forever. 

Rogue Linen Our Fibre

Innovative waste free production. The growing and manufacturing of linen has a beautiful circular life cycle. It can be grown in poor or polluted soils while requiring considerably fewer resources than cotton or polyester to grow/process (such as water, energy, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers). Byproducts created during harvest such as linseeds, oil, straw and fiber are repurposed for goods such as Lino, soap, cattle feed, oils, and paper. 

up to 2.1 tons of CO2 are absorbed per ton of flax cellulose produced
60% less water is required to grow flax compared to cotton
100% biodegradable / odorless / moisture wicking / lint free / non-static / non-allergenic / GMO free