10 Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks

Want to help save the environment without compromising your time and money?Here are some affordable and easy lifestyle hacks which can help save the world. Be conscious of your consumer habits. 


1. Safety Razors
These are easy to use and result in smoother skin than disposable plastic shavers. Using a safety razor will quickly pay off and before you know it you'll be saving yourself money by not buying new shavers constantly. 
2. Toilet Paper
Buy toilet paper which doesn't come wrapped in plastic and isn't made from unsustainable resources. Sustainable made toilet paper is affordable, it's something we all use, and it's something easy to buy.
3. Dental Floss
Compostable dental floss is cheap and easy to buy online and can go straight into your compost bin after use. The little things count.
4. Beeswax Food Wraps
You can reuse beeswax wraps for up to a year. Using these will save you the time it takes to get out the cling wrap and unwrap a new piece every time you want to cover a bowl, plate or pot to keep your food fresh. They also look great.
5. Food Storage Containers 
Glass jars/containers as appose to plastic ones are cheap and great for storing anything dry or wet in your kitchen. They are also easy to organize into an easy and good looking kitchen setup. 
6. Loose Tea 
Buying loose tea leaves is cheaper than singly wrapped tea bags and produces much less packaging waste. Also easy to store in glass jars.
7. Produce Bags
Keep your vegetables fresh and reduce packaging waste. Produce bags are reusable, long lasting, and will make organizing your fridge a pleasure.
8. Bulk Buying
Buying food in bulk for regularly used ingredients is easy, cheap, and will reduce your packaging waste hugely.
9. Bathroom
Making homemade soap, shampoo, and lotions is easy and cheap if you are willing to put in the time. The results are amazing, there is little to no packaging waste and the finished product is much healthier for your body.
This link is just an example of some recipes you could use for making your own.
10. Cleaning Products
From bathrooms to kitchens to windows you can use vinegar and lemon to clean. Most cleaning products are made from harsh and toxic chemicals, and you won't find many cheaper cleaning products than vinegar and lemon.  

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